Police are Patrolling and Nice Experience 2

There’s been plenty of talk about traffic safety in our community and the need for more police, so I just wanted to let you know that the police are in Tuscany today enforcing speed limits to help keep pedestrians and motorists safe. Slow down, drive safely and use the ticket money for something else. 🙂

I very nervously approached a woman today who has been consistently parking on our street’s intersection corner  in order to keep watch over the children at the bus stop. I just wanted to say a big thank you to her for her kindness and her pleasant reaction to my approach. When I let her know that our street was concerned about crosswalk safety and explained why parking right at the stop sign was illegal, she thanked me for letting her know and said she’d move to a legal parking spot. This isn’t the reaction all of us have received by talking to a motorist, I know, so I thought it important to let you know of a positive experience.


2 thoughts on “Police are Patrolling and Nice Experience

  • Dennis

    Thank You Michelle!

    As much as I enjoy people contributing to the city’s “ignorant driver tax” a.k.a. “speeding tickets” I would rather have a safer community of smart drivers.

  • Eric Collins

    People complain about red light cameras and speed on green cameras as being “cash cows”. Speeding tickets (as well as any kind of traffic ticket) are strictly voluntary.

    If you don’t speed, you don’t have to pay as you won’t get a ticket.

    They wouldn’t be such good cash cows if people followed the rules. I loved the most recent Tuscany Sun as most articles had to do with driving. Tuscanites, please get the message.

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