New Information About Homes by Avi Development in Tuscany 1


The Community Association has received new information for the residents of Tuscany regarding the proposed development by Homes by Avi in northwest Tuscany. Please see the attached letter regarding updated plans and responses to residents’ questions raised at the developer’s open house in April, 2013.

Click here to download the letter we received.

One thought on “New Information About Homes by Avi Development in Tuscany

  • Eric Collins (@Eric_Ke_Collins)

    Making a left from Tuscany Springs Hill to Tuscany Way is already a huge problem due to increased traffic from 12 Mile Coulee Rd. Calgary Transit has a terrible stop on the corner and the bus can sit there up to 5 minutes waiting to make the turn to go south on Tuscany Way. Going to 4 lanes is just going to exasperate the situation. And who in their right mind puts an intersection in the middle of a curve? I foresee many fender benders and car/pedestrian incidents. If anywhere, this location justifies the use of a roundabout, and there is room to realign the roads to put one in. No room on the north side is a cop-out.

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