January Talk in Tuscany – New NW Casino? 1


Some friends of mine who live in Royal Oak and Rocky Ridge have informed me about the planned development of a Hotel and Casino close to where the Wal-Mart store is located.  This development will also be close to several schools and the Universiry of Calgary Veterinary Medicine (UCVM).

I live in Tuscany and I do not want to see any such development in these communities. These communities are residential areas with 1000’s of families with young children.  There will also be a negative impact on the traffic volumes in the immediate and surrounding areas. Crime will also increase as a result of such development and will also have a negative impact in Tuscany.


How on earth does Gordon Lowe justify building a casino and how can he say it will benefit the area?  This is another clear example  of how out of touch he is with the communities he represents.

Those communities are desperate need of recreational facilites. How about an indoor arena, swimming pool, outdoor hockey facilites?

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I will be sending the above letter to Alderman Dale Hodges and Gordon Lowe.


One thought on “January Talk in Tuscany – New NW Casino?

  • rocketman

    A Casino, Hotel and Conference Centre in Royal Oak, well I live in Tuscany so I prefer to keep my nose out of another areas business. There will be all the usual kicking and screaming from the local residents, the same ones that didn’t complain when there houses were built in a large Moose calfing area.

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