Tuscany LRT Station Q & A

Photo: CTV News

The Tuscany Community Association is working with local residents to adjust to the new demands for parking that have arisen with the recent opening of the Tuscany LRT Station. Based on some of the questions we have received so far, we have compiled a list of common questions (and answers) for residents that may be wondering about parking issues near the LRT.


Q: There are many people parking near the Tuscany LRT Station. Why are there parking restrictions on only a few streets?

A: For the past few months the Tuscany Community Assocation has published messages in the Tuscany Sun to encourage people living in the newly created TUS (Tuscany) Residential Parking Zone to consider applying for parking restrictions on their streets if they anticipated a problem. Some residents have done so already and have restricted parking in places. This process takes many weeks, involves requesting a petition from the City, and 80% of residents must support the request before the signs will be approved for any specific street.

Q: Is it too late to get parking restrictions on my street?

A: No, it is not too late. If you wish to apply for restricted parking on your street, please contact 311 to request a petition if you live within the TUS Residential Parking Zone. There is more information, and a map of Residential Parking Zones, on the City of Calgary’s website:

http://www.calgary.ca/Transportation/Roads/Pages/Traffic/Parking-management/Residential-parking-permit-program.aspx. Additional information can be found on the Calgary Parking Authority’s website: http://www.calgaryparking.com/web/guest/residentialparking/faq.

Q: Now that Tuscany LRT Station is open, there are cars parked everywhere in the vicinity. Is the City going to put up signs to restrict parking?

A: The City of Calgary does not automatically restrict parking in any neighbourhood. However, there is a process in place for residents who may choose to apply for restrictions. If so, they may contact the City to request a petition. The Tuscany Community Association is not able to request restricted parking along green spaces until the adjacent streets are restricted. 

Q: There is a vehicle blocking my driveway. It seems someone has left it for the day and taken the LRT to work. What can I do?

A: If someone parks in front of your driveway, please contact the Calgary Parking Authority to report the problem and to have the vehicle ticked and/or towed.  For enforcement, call 403-537-7100, option 2. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: What is being done to ensure people comply with the parking restrictions? It’s great to have signs, but does anyone actually check how long vehicles have been parked on my street?

A:  The Calgary Parking Authority will be patrolling the zone on a regular basis, particularly in this initial period of time following the opening of the Tuscany LRT Station.

Q: I am upset because people from other communities are parking on my street. What can be done about that?

A:  Street parking does not belong to the resident who owns a property, and is not for their exclusive use. Public streets are available to anyone who legally parks their vehicle in a public parking space.

Q:  I have tried to find a place for my vehicle at the parking lot at Tuscany Station, but there is nothing available in the public part of the lot. Why did the City build such a small parking lot?

A:  The Tuscany LRT Station was designed as a smaller community station and was not meant to be a main collector point for vehicles. If you arrive after 10:00 a.m., please check the signs in the reserved parking lot – it is often okay to park there later in the day. Also, if you live in Tuscany, try taking the bus to the station. It costs nothing extra, and the buses drop passengers off up near the bridge, so you will likely walk less than if you drive to the station. Free bicycle parking is available, and the City of Calgary has extended the pathway network to make it easier to reach the station, so this may be a convenient option for some.