What Do You Think – May Editorial

The Tuscany Community Association is hosting its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, May 20th at 7:30pm at the Tuscany Club. We hope you can join us as we report on what the year held for the Association and our community, as well as plans for the 2010-2011 year. To tempt you further into coming, we are going to be serving some tasty snacks and light refreshments! Come on down. Soccer season has started with record numbers of Tuscany children playing in this community league (over 900!). Community leagues cannot happen without the outstanding work of community volunteers and the TCA would like to thank our sports volunteers for putting this great program together, despite all the stress and obstacles that face such a large league! Thanks from us and all the kids having a blast! On the topic of soccer, it has come to our attention through our soccer parents and coaches that dog feces is an issue on the fields but particularly on the fields just north of Sobeys. This field is relatively new to the soccer program and has been used extensively by dog owners as a walking and play area for their dogs. Unfortunately, the area is now littered with dog feces and the TCA and TRA are working together to try to get it cleaned up fast. The condition of this field is an example, in my opinion, on how a few dog owner’s not committed to basic courtesy make if very hard on other dog owners in any community. Negative experiences like this for community members mean 3-1-1 calls, tickets being issued, community funds being used for clean-up instead of activities, unhappy parents as they clean up their children’s shoes and clothes and health concerns and intolerant attitudes towards pets. So, on behalf of all dog owners who love to live in Tuscany, be a great neighbour and pick up after your dog(s). Still on the dog poo note, I’d like to extend a personal thank you to the new residents who just moved into the south area of our community. I had the brilliant occurrence of having an hour freed up in my schedule last week and I decided (since my spouse was out of town and now running our dog) to take aforementioned cabin-fever dog for a quick bike ride. Not until I was streets away and my dog needed to go to the washroom did it occur to me that I forgot to take bags! Thoroughly embarrassed (I have been a dog owner for 15 years and should know better), I was just about to lay my bike over the scene of the crime and run back home when I saw a gentleman leaving his home and imposed upon him for a bag (begged, really). Although they were just taking possession of their home, they took the time to help me out and grabbed a bag from their doggie stash in their truck. Thanks so much for helping me out and welcome to Tuscany! Hope you all have a wonderful May.