Tuscany to Establish a Youth Council 1

The Tuscany Community Association, with the support of the City of Calgary, will work with youth from grades 7-12 in the community to establish a youth council. As a community, our demographics have shifted significantly over the years, and we are now at the stage where we will benefit by offering our youth a higher profile, and the ability to decide what they would like to focus on.

These youth will ask their peers in Tuscany what we need more of in our community. Activities, interests, concerns – these will all be included in the appeal. The Youth Council will then work to make some of these happen, and will be looking to others in the community for support and guidance. We ask families, schools, and businesses to give the youth a warm welcome if they are approached with new initiatives.

For more information, or to express interest in being involved with the Youth Council, either as a member or to support the efforts of this group, please contact the Tuscany Community Association using our Contact Page here. Comments on this new program are also welcome here.

UPDATE: News of the Tuscany Youth Council has been picked up by our local media. See the coverage here:


One thought on “Tuscany to Establish a Youth Council

  • Chris Harper

    I’m really glad to see this happen. Youth have such an important voice and strength to give community building. Everything that is done today becomes their tomorrow and we should welcome their input in what tomorrow becomes. Good job!

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