Tuscany Club – Tree Down and Card Swiping 1

If you’ve ever wondered, as I have, why you have to swipe your TRA card every time you want to get into the Tuscany Club, here’s a bit of background from Chris, GM of the Tuscany Club. The two main reasons why we are now asked to use our card to access the Club are:

  • The Club has been visited by the Police a few times and staff have been asked if they were able to account for who is in their building. This new swiping system allows for this type of accounting.
  • The Club has pre-school programs running daily and, as part of keeping children safe, the new swiping system adds an important level of security for parents and program coordinators. This level of security also protects others who are attending programs or using the Club’s facilities.

You may have noticed that there is a large tree down on Tuscany Way, just south of the Tuscany Club parking lot. This tree was knocked down when a truck, which had been parked at the top of the hill without its emergency brake being engaged, slid down the street and stopped after hitting the tree!

One thought on “Tuscany Club – Tree Down and Card Swiping

  • tuscanycommunityassociation

    Hi Christina,

    The Tuscany Club is run by the Tuscany Residents Association – not us at the Community Association – and so I cannot send you any of the information you’ve requested.

    The Tuscany Club can be reached at 403-241-6402.

    All the Best!

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