Talk in Tuscany – Real Issues 2

I am beginning to cringe when I see “The Tuscany Sun” in my mailbox.

Which is really too bad when you get past people getting not one now, but two whole pages to argue with one another…it is a really good little publication – full of lots of interesting articles and advertisements.

But, it’s the arguing that is getting to me ..and I’m not alone.  One person I talked to just simply recycles it directly from the mailbox to the bin – because of “The Talk in Tuscany”.

Not more than a few miles up the road from Tuscany is the Alberta Children’s Hospital, where people are sitting by their child’s bedside wondering if they are going to make another day….and all we have to do with our  time is to write back and forth about where healthy children play?  It seems sad.  Or, worse yet .. dare I say it .. dog poop!

Globally, there is so much going on – that our worries seem none existent.  So, why do we do it?

There have been some great perspectives in “The Talk in Tuscany”, but it’s really, quite simply, getting out of hand lately.  Why don’t we use this as a forum that would be constructive, instead of just a podium in which we can have arguments with our neighbours.  Tuscany – as a Community – is better than this ..

How about we use this more like a “Town Hall Meeting” of sorts – without having to leave the comfort of our homes – how about focusing on how we can keep the impeding teen population explosion from getting into trouble in our playgrounds, green spaces and our ravine.  Learning from one another – and giving one another ideas on how to figure out what to do when all these kiddies begin to hit their teens.  Teens dances at the Tuscany Clubhouse, more Teen groups – these are things that we should focus on.

Or perhaps we should focus on how we, as a community, can make it better for those parents sitting beside a hospital bed – holding their cancer-ridden child’s hand.

We can make a difference – we must stop .. Take a breath and move on and quit being so distracted by all this arguing.

Your Neighbour

2 thoughts on “Talk in Tuscany – Real Issues

  • Eric Collins

    I agree wholeheartedly with the opinions offered here. Unfortunately some of our neighbours aren’t so neighbourly and fail to follow basic common sense like stopping for children at school crosswalks, picking up after their dogs after they have pooped on someone’s property, etc.

    It is also pretty hard to deal with issues such as teen engagement without leaving the comfort of our homes. We can make our community better through letting our community know what bugs us in the hopes it will change behaviour, or resort to bylaw enforcement as a last resort.

    How can we make our community better and work on items such as teen engagement? Volunteer for a Tuscany Community Community such as the youth committee, sports committee, traffic/safety committee or whichever topic gets you fired up.

    The Tuscany Community Association next meets in the Tuscany Club on November 17 at 7:30 pm and if you would like to help focus on how we can make our community better, I encourage you to come out.

    To paraphrase JFK, “Ask not what your community can do for you, ask what you can do for your community.”

  • D. Allen

    Excellent post from “Your Neighbour”. I quickly tired of “The Talk in Tuscany” after reading, month after month, about speeders, dog poop, and my personal favourite, bounce sheets polluting the air. It is simply unrealistic to expect that every Tuscany resident is going to act courteously to others. Some people are just not nice or respectful. End of story. So let’s move on.

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