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Am I the only one that is disappointed by the changes in the Tuscany commercial area over the past year? When the florist left, I hoped we might get a small take-out restaurant in its place – and instead all we got was a bigger liquor store. When the movie rental store went out of business, I thought we might get another business to serve our community in its place – and instead the hair salon currently adjoining Rexall is moving into that location. For the size of Tuscany, we have a disproportionately low number of local businesses – especially establishments that serve food. What I wouldn’t give for a Thai or Vietnamese restaurant that didn’t require a 15 minute drive to get to!

Jason Dunn

Great Hobby

On the weekend of April 16th-17th, The Calgary British Railway Modellers group is having a show, in which my group has a layout. I have attended for the last two years since I rekindled my interest after I began to re-assemble my own layout three years ago.

It’s always been very well attended and is one of those hobbies which does not seem to be to prevalent today – sad really. It’s a great hobby and kept me in when I was in my early teens on those dark winter nights when most kids were out causing trouble – that was England though.

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Thanks for a Great Neighbour

A wonderful act of kindness took place in our community a few weeks ago and I wanted to share it with all of you.

I had just finished shopping at Home Depot and was busy buckling in my two young sons in my car when I mistakenly left my wallet (full of cash) in a cart in the parking lot. A few hours later a lovely mom named Rolanda was at my door holding my wallet, which I hadn’t yet noticed was missing. Rolanda had found my wallet and personally delivered it to my house!

A BIG THANK YOU to you Rolanda for being so kind and thoughtful. Good Karma is sure to be with you in 2011!

Lindsay D.

Great Neighbours
When I describe the neighbors on my street to my friends it always sounds like I’m exaggerating but I’m not – I truly am blessed with the most incredible neighbors anyone could ask for.  We moved here 5 years ago and immediately found the neighbors extremely friendly.  We had only been here a week when my wife was invited to one of those “sex toy” parties (I guess that would fall under the “funniest neighbor moments” category).   It’s always a race with my neighbors to see who shovels my sidewalk and mows my lawn first – they usually beat me and I have hardly had to mow my front lawn since the day I moved in.  I swim every week with one neighbor, play volleyball every week with another neighbor and visit with all the other neighbors regularly and easily.  Everyone is so friendly, helpful and generous; it really is an amazing street and I am so thankful to live here!


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