Talk in Tuscany – February

My son lost his I Pod on the 17th of December while waiting for the bus on Tuscany Way. He called us and asked for help to find it and to backtrack his route in hopes it was laying in the snow. My husband walked the route to the bus stop, but couldn’t locate it. The sidewalk had just been shovelled so my husband talked with the owner of the house to see if he’d seen it. To our disappointment, the owner of the home indicated no but would keep an eye out for it. My husband pointed out our house to him so he could return it if he did find it. A few hours later, the gentleman showed up to our house and asked if we had found the Ipod. I indicated no, and he handed us a bag containing a brand new Ipod Nano. He simply said Merry Christmas and walked away. Bless him for his kindness and his generosity. There are truly good people out there – we only have to look across our streets to find them!!!! Thank you, Mark.

The Rutherford/Pelletier Family