Royal Oak Casino Stopped 2

Taken From: Royal Oak Casino Opinion

“The Rocky Ridge Royal Oak Community Association has just been informed that the developers of the Hotel Convention centre and possible casino will be pulling the land use application to allow the casino, they will also be pulling from the purchase of the land.”

2 thoughts on “Royal Oak Casino Stopped

  • rocketman

    Well done…you lot the whole project has been scrapped. Valuable employment opportunities have now gone, not that I’m worried as I live in Tuscany…so really not my business….give yourselves a pat-on-the-back, all the same.

  • Basil

    Well Rocketman, 83% were against it, and they are hardly the types of jobs that were wanted in a residential community – so yes, we are giving ourselves a pat on the back. I would not want such a development in Tuscany.

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