January Talk in Tuscany – Comment on Roundabouts 1

I just wanted to comment on the recent article in the Tuscany Sun titled ‘What is a Roundabout?’.  Coming from the UK, I know all about roundabouts and would definitely encourage use of them in Canada for all the reasons that were stated.  However, the benefit from roundabouts in terms of traffic flow is dependant on people using them properly.  One example is correct signalling.  If vehicles on the roundabout are not signalling, a car wanting to enter the roundabout may have to unnecessarily stop because it is unclear when/where the vehicles on the roundabout are exiting.  Another example happened to me recently at the roundabout at Crowfoot.  Approaching the roundabout the car in front of me stopped even though there were no other cars on the roundabout.  When learning to drive in the UK you are going to encounter and learn about roundabouts.  My worry is that they are implemented across Canada without educating existing drivers as to how to use them properly.

One thought on “January Talk in Tuscany – Comment on Roundabouts

  • rocketman

    Well having been in the driver training game for around 30 years, we Canadians need more roundabouts and soon.
    Roundabouts are widely used in the UK, Aus, and Europe , as a traffic management tool.

    The less traffic lights the better they are more costly, prone to malfunction and RTA injuries tend to be more severe.

    Roundabouts are also a great traffic calming measure forcing drivers to slow and not necessarily stop unless there is a vehicle on their left.

    I hope the City start building roundabouts on more of our major routes.

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