January Editor’s Note

2011. For some reason, this year date seems crazy to me! It seems that just last year I was getting all dolled up (pre-children and feeling pretty snazzy) to head out to the New Year’s Eve party of 2000 and hoping that my belief that the world was not going to come crashing down would turn out to be correct. Of course, the way my brain works is to store information but not with a date and time for reference. Hence, the game of charades I often play with my husband when I am trying to recall an event that would helpfully illustrate a point I feel is essential to make.

I’m rambling. Last year at this time, I decided to publish some of my resolutions – what was I thinking? – and I thought it only fair to report on them. The 2010 resolutions and the year-end perspective …

1.      Not be involved in more things but to be actively committed to what I am involved in already.

o       Survey Says: Hmnnn, not so great in this area but it has become apparent to me that while I run my work life in a fairly organized manner, I do not apply the same rules or structure around my volunteer life, as I see this side of my life as fun and less structured. I know, many of you volunteering gurus probably view this statement with a mental “Well, duh!” but it came as a bit of a revelation to me. This year, the resolution is to apply the structure of work to volunteer work so I only feel like I am going out of my mind a quarter of the time. The other resolution, reduce.

2.      Let the larger piece of my pie be friends and family and all those moments that come with.

o       Survey Says: Not bad but still room for improvement. The best thing I did to help in this area was to not have the stuff that distracts me present while I was spending time with my family (read “email”).

3.      Look at the other side of the story (or moment!) and choose not to be negatively impacted (if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to email the editor!).

o       Survey Says: Most area of growth. Thanks, Jodi, for teaching me the DiMartini method of neutralizing events. It’s amazing to be able to take an event and look for the pros and cons around it so that you are more aware of the balance both outside and within.

4.      Focus on my choices and feel the power of taking control of my successes and mistakes.

o       Survey Says: Keep working on this. I am not really great at celebrating success (so many of us aren’t as that just feels boastful) but I have gotten better at giving myself a mental pat on the back. I sometimes feel like there are more mistakes than successes but, as mentioned above, I’ve got a tool in place that I’m using to get better a perspective in this area and to see mistakes as areas for growth without wanting to throw up. J

5.      To help someone out every day.

o       Survey Says: Feeling pretty good regarding this one as I feel more mindful of those around me and I’ve come to realize that sometimes being helpful means you don’t do anything at all.

6.      Love better and more.

o       Survey Says: fingers crossed I feel like I have and do.

Alright, so there you have it. Thanks very much for reading the Tuscany Sun and my ramblings. Remember to check out the TCA’s blog at www.tuscanyca.ca where there are articles, information, links and comments from residents. This site provides up-to-date information that compliments the info you find in the Sun.

All the best to you and to your families and friends in 2011. Feel free to let others know your thoughts by leaving a comment.