In Search of Off Leash Ambassadors!

Hello Tuscany! We are in search of volunteers who love our community and who love our canine friends! We need Off Leash Ambassadors to help us with a new partnership the city of Calgary is developing!

Interested? See below for more info!


We are currently recruiting volunteers to participate in the Off-Leash Ambassador program.

The Off-Leash Ambassador program is an innovative approach with a volunteer-based, citizen-led initiative to promote responsible pet ownership in Calgary’s 150 off-leash parks.

Volunteers in the program will:

  • Promote responsible pet ownership, positive pet interactions and safety in off-leash areas through the provision of information and demonstrations
  • Answer questions regarding Calgary’s bylaws in off-leash areas
  • Act as positive role models in off-leash parks in terms of adhering with Calgary’s bylaws
  • Provide an avenue for citizens to express concerns and pass along concerns to City staff
  • Promote the work of Calgary Community Standards and the services available at the Animal Services Centre, such  as animal adoption and licensing.


Ambassadors will receive training to familiarize themselves with bylaws, canine body language, as well as tactics to communicate with the public.


For more information and to apply, please visit: