How to register for soccer 2016

Soccer registration is open from February 15th, 2016 through February 29th, 2016

This is a short set of instructions for how to sign your child up for the TCA Community Soccer League. Our registration software isn’t the most intuitive so please be patient!

  1. CLICK HERE to go to our online registration system
  2. If you already have a username and password then login to the system; if you do not, then follow the instructions to create one
  3. You’ll need to purchase a 2016 membership to the Tuscany Community Association (this is different than the Resident’s Association which operates the Tuscany Club). To do so:
    1. Near the top look for Membership: Tuscany Community Assoc. and then a blue link that says “Renew”
    2. Click Renew
    3. Click “Pay now” and follow the directions
    4. You need to pay for the TCA membership before you can add any soccer registrations
  4. To register for soccer: 
    1. Click New Registration
    2. Select the family member that will be playing soccer and click Next
    3. Select from the available soccer leagues in the dropdown menu
    4. IMPORTANT: Only box will only show the leagues for which your child is eligible based on their age. For a breakdown of which ages fit in which categories see the table here.
      1. Example to qualify for the U4 your child must have been born between Jan 1 2012 and Dec 31 2012
    5. OPTIONAL: Enter health information
    6. Read and agree to the waiver; check the “I agree” box and then click Next
    7. If you’d like to register another child click Add Registration and follow the same process
    8. If not, click next
    9. Select your volunteering duty and click Continue with Registration
    10. Select your payment method to finalize the registration


  • CLICK HERE to go to our online registration system
  • Programs are limited by age and only the programs that match your child’s age will be available.
  • Breakdown of which ages fit which leagues is available here

Thanks for playing community soccer with us this year, we’re looking forward to a great season!!