Community Response to Proposed Rogers Cellular Tower in Tuscany

The following letter was sent to the City regarding the TCA’s position regarding the proposed Rogers cell tower. Although not expressly stated in the letter, one of the board’s main concerns was the proximity of the proposed tower to the Villa D’este condominiums. This concern was raised in various communications to city officials. The TCA is committed to working with Rogers and the City to find a location for the tower that minimizes adverse impacts to the community and the 12-Mile Coulee.

Click here to download the letter sent from the TCA about the proposed cell tower.

Additionally, a group of Tuscany residents organized to speak out against the proposed development as it was presented by Rogers to the community.  With the support of over 400 members of the community, they drafted the following letters:

Letter to the City of Calgary (click here to download)

Letter to Rogers Wireless (click here to download)