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The Tuscany Community Association (TCA) has received the following information from Rogers Communications on the cell tower installation they are planning next to the Ville d’Este complex in Tuscany. The tower is slated to be approximately 60 metres (200 feet) high. Rogers Communications has notified the TCA of their intent to meet with the community on this issue. It should be noted that the communications prepared by Rogers do not represent the TCA in any way and should not be implied that we support an installation at the site selected by the applicant. We have committed to providing the community with information as we receive it.

The identified site provides commercial advantages for the cell carriers including improved cellular coverage in our community. The TCA and the City of Calgary have no influence over this proposal. Industry Canada is the governing body for cellular tower installations. Alberta Infrastructure owns the land as it is in the Transportation Utility Corridor. They approve the lease for the land. Industry Canada then approves the application once the land owner agrees to the lease.

If you have any comments or concerns on the Rogers Communications tower installation please contact Industry Canada at:

Industry Canada – Spectrum Management and Telecommunications
Southern Alberta District Office
Room 400
639 Fifth Avenue S.W.
Calgary AB T2P 0M9
Telephone: 1-800-267-9401
Fax: 403-292-4295
Email: spectrum.calgary@ic.gc.ca

Consider posting your comments on our web site so other residents of Tuscany are aware of your position on this matter, and it is always worth copying your message to the office of your Ward Alderman and MLA. Their contact information can be found inside the front cover of every Tuscany Sun.

Rogers Communications have advised us they plan on meeting with the community at some point in April. Carol Robinson of Rogers Communications can be reached at Carol.Robinson@rci.rogers.com.

Finally it should be noted that Rogers Communications is only required to notify residents that live within a radius of the tower equal to 3 times it’s height – in this case approximately 600 feet. We are not certain if they intend to limit their consultation to this limited group or if they will advise a larger portion of the community. We will continue to provide information on our web site as it becomes available.

President, Tuscany Community Association

Information provided by Rogers:

PROPOSAL to community association

Location map

Site plan

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  • Canary in the Coal Mine

    Contacts regarding cellular tower installations:
    1. Jim Klassen (Industry Canada, Calgary rep.) 403-292-4205
    2. Nick Makale (City of Calgary) 403-265-3718
    3. James MacNamee (Researcher, Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau, Health Canada) 613-954-7804
    4. Greg Gajda (Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau, Healthy Environment and Consumer Safety Branch, Health Canada)
    5. Dr. Stephan Gabos (Chief Medical Officers of Alberta Health – Assistant) stephan.gabos@gov.ab.ca 780-422-4419
    6. Grant Binder (master electrician with equipment to measure microwave radiation and trained in EMF) gcbinder@shaw.ca 403-836-9270
    7. Terry Avramenko (electrician & President Ranchlands Community Association) texavramenko@yahoo.com 403-542-9053
    8. Citizens for Safe Technology .org website
    9. David Werthmen – google it or celltowers.ca
    10. Alderman Pootman (Calgary rep on cell tower safety + Health Canada Municipality Conference)

    Editor’s Note: This user has attached more information here.

  • Canary in the Coal Mine

    Here is another very good site containing local content that has a very different perspective on cellular towers than the telecommunications industry. Very eye opening.


  • Canary in the Coal Mine

    I am a Tuscany Resident and have a big problem with Roger’s new cell tower to be located along Stoney Trail. I am concerned about the lack of information given on the multi-generation, health and safety effects of cell towers especially to children, fetuses and pregnant women of cdl towers. I have an environmental medical condition, known as Electra Hyper Sensitivity (EHS) made worse by ) radio transmissions towers and cell towers. This is recognized by naturopathic, environmental medicine and an increasing number of traditional medical doctors (especially in Europe). CPP pays disability for EHS sufferers. My condition aggravates my chronic fatigue syndrome (CPS) and fibromyalgia.

    How long have you been ill with this condition?

    I was diagnosed in 2008 with EHS. It occurred due to cumulative exposure of wireless, x-ray, MRl, cell towers, radar, sonar, not having proper grounded wiring, heavy metals, mixed metals and mercury amalgam dental work. My body became an antenna. I unknowingly became sicker with the wrong diagnosis, treatment and medical interventions including x-rays, MRl’s and medications. As digital technology evolved, starting in the mid 1990’s I started to become sick.

    Due to exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radio frequency (RF) radiation, which includes cell tower transmissions, I had a miscarriage and lost my twins. Late tem! miscarriages, heart attacks, and pace maker problems are among the serious effects of exposure from cell towers. Even celebrities like Quincy Jones’ daughter have EHS.

    Many people suffer from EHS without realizing the cause. 3 to 8% of the population is seriously affected. You may be one of these people. I suffer from migraines, pain, hearing and vision loss, tremors, sensory overload, cardiac and sleep issues, chemical sensitivity to radiation exposure. Research is showing links between EMF and RF exposure and diseases such as cancer, attention deficit disorder, autism, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s, thyroid and sleep disorders. (See: weepinitiative.org/talkingtoyourdoctor.pdf)

    How do you Work?

    I have Master’s Degree and was employed for 20 years as a health and business consultant with my first career in architecture and telecom. Then I was given a disability pension.

    How do you live day by day?

    I find organic foods tolerable, but they are costly. I keep my exposure to ALL electrical to a minimum, that includes talking on the phone. I turn my electrical breakers off, if I do not need them to help me rebuild my immune system. Myself and others who suffer this condition are always looking [or ways to survive without moving away from urban areas. We need a support group and health care to survive and therefore cannot live remotely. It is hard to find safe housing, although in Sweden the government pays to shield EHS sufferers.

    Why are you opposed to this cell tower?

    A. It is very hard to find safe housing. It took me many months to find this house in Tuscany. If the tower were approved, I am forced to move to avoid becoming sicker.
    B. I write this to increase public awareness of this condition, which is increasing in spite of the sufferers not knowing why they are ill. We are like the canaries in the coal mine. See Research “kempten, West Germany Attachment (Page 1) (for Cell Tower Affects.)
    C. Many people especially children pregnant women, fetuses and elderly are affected. See Pregnant Woman Article (Page 11) Society needs to educate themselves as government and industry are in a conflict of interest. Industry Canada makes money off of cell tower licences. The community must realize that the # of transmitters and receivers on a tower at installation will increase as Rogers cells space to new providers; increasing radiation into Tuscany.
    D. The provider monitors the radiation levels not the government, and only if there’s a complaint.
    E. Safety Code 6 Radiation levels are obsolete. Our standard was defined by a study in 1996 where scientists used a 220 pound, healthy, military man at 6 foot 6 inches tall, with an 11 pound head, making six minute cell calls on what is obsolete equipment to measure radiation. Would you expose and accept this standard for your children, fetuses and pregnant moms? Safety Code 6 is 6000 times over the safety limit in the Bioiniative report (2007) which is way over European Standards. Yet Europe is stopping cell tower installations, removing and lowering frequency (radiation) levels. See Legal Action and policy attachment (Page 8 and 11).
    F. The World Health Organization (WHO) in May 2011; declared cell tower emission a type 2 B carcinogen (as is motor exhaust, lead and DDT).
    G. Health Canada in September 2011; advised parents to keep children away from wireless (cell towers, and phones). Health Canada was advised in the Townsend Report (in late 1990’s) by our Parliamentary Committee of Health to make changes to safety standards and record health effects; but they have not done so. See Parliament Attachment (Page 1).
    H. Most media are owned hy telecom providers, so information is censored.
    I. See insurance companies attachment (Page 14), they do not insure cell tower providers for liabilities.

    GOAL: The “critigue by Scientific Experts. Physicians and Oncologists” Blog response to the Sept. 3, 2011 “Worrying about Wireless” article in “The Economist” defines how to safely reduce radiation exposure. It outlines the serious health, political and media conflict of interest and biased research. (http://electromagnetichealth.org/electromagnetic-health-blog/the­-econo.)

    We need to make changes together for the sake of our future: our children.

    The Tuscany Canary in the Coal Mine

  • not4tower

    Based on previous research, I agree with the above comments – there is a proposal to build a 45 meter cell tower mast near the Dairy Queen/ Tim Horton’s in the Town of Cochrane. It is located just outside the 300 meter notification boundary of an Elementary school (how convenient).

    Regarding Part E, F and G above….

    Experience shows everyone (city planers, politicians, the wireless company) will tout “the tower will meet Safety Code 6” by Health Canada. However this standard uses a 6 minute test using the SAR (Specific Heat Absorption) method to measure heat on skin. It does not measure the biological and physiological cumulative effects of Radio Frequency EMF on living organisms!

    “The missing mechanism linking the frequencies to adverse health effects was reported to Health Canada and by expert witness for Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health. Health Canada didn’t follow Safety Code 6 and pass on to provinces, U.S., W.H.O. critical information that wasn’t seen before had been found. Wi-Fi in schools and smart meter frequencies violate Safety Code 6. They stimulate biology and heat tissue which is to be avoided.”

    Please see 13 Dec 2011 Blog:

  • not4tower

    Just a note, in the first response regarding contacts for cell tower installations, #9 on the list link should be:

    http://www.celltower.ca or google celltower.ca but without the “s”

    I would encourage a visit to this site.


  • carlintuscany

    I do not know if we will stop this tower from being erected, so I am interested in what people think about the cell towers which have been placed on the top of existing street lighting. There is one located on Silver Springs BLVD just past the Silver Ridge Drive intersection heading towards Nose Hill Drive. From what I know, the proposed 60 metre cell tower will service four carriers, so four street lights will be needed as each one can only service one carrier. I personally feel these are the lesser of two evils.

    Below is part of the response I received from our Dale Hodges’s office :
    “The City of Calgary will continue to discuss the design issue with Rogers in hopes of finding a structure that might be less intrusive on the community and act as more of a landmark like the Kinkora Tower for the Tuscany area. http://celltower.ca/wordpress/?page_id=186

    My above comments are based around the aesthetics of the proposed tower.

    As for the health impact of such towers, I read with interest the above comments and would like to see these facts discussed at the open house.

    Unfortunately, we are victims of our beloved little wireless hand held/hands free devices.

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