The Calgary Rocky Ridge Forum was held Thursday evening where residents were given opportunity to see and hear the four candidates respond to key issues and provide relevant information on their party positions. Candidates were available before and after the formal agenda to meet constituents and answer individual specific questions. A forum is an event where pre-selected questions are carefully selected that provides opportunity for all candidates to respond; it is not a debate, nor does it target any one candidate. It is now able for your viewing on Vimeo here.


The Calgary Rocky Ridge Forum was conducted without incident. Towards the end of the event, an individual with intent to disrupt it, attempted to enter the meeting room and was detained by Tuscany Club staff and Forum volunteers. Those attending the Forum were not aware of this incident until after it had ended. We want to express our appreciation to the Tuscany Club staff and our community volunteers for preventing a potentially disruptive situation. We also want to thank the Calgary Police Department for their efficient handling of this matter.


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