April Editorial – Top 10

10. Yup, there’s dog poop. Enough said.

 9. Spring cleaning? The landfill has e-cycling and hazardous chemical drop off.

 8. We will get more snow but spring is coming.

 7. Garbage is revealed. Enjoy a lovely walk and take a bag for garbage and a camera for crocus sightings.

 6. Cyclists, motorcyclists and motorists – be aware of each other and share the road.

 5. Walking, running, playing, jumping – be aware of all the pedestrians out to play.

 4. Be outside. Breathe deeply. Hold hands with someone. Lift your face to the sun.

 3. Don’t complain about the weather. Be happy you’re here to experience it.

 2. Bulbs – tulips, crocuses, daffodils, oh my.

1.  Speaking of bulbs … Christmas lights are right out!

 Here’s to a wonderful April. Share your Top 10 (or 9 or 8 or …) thoughts with us, too.