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The Tuscany Community Association, formed in April 2000, is a volunteer-driven body committed to addressing community issues, planning community events and recreation activities, and providing effective representation in civic matters. Membership in the Tuscany Community Association is voluntary and costs $25 per year. A single membership covers a household for participation in TCA-sponsored activities and entitles one vote at the AGM.

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Your membership supports:

  • the Tuscany Sun, an information-filled community publication
  • up-to-date information and ability to engage in community-related discussions, through the Tuscany Community Association website
  • community sports and recreation activities, such as soccer and softball
  • family-friendly activities, such as community art projects
  • the Tuscany Book Swap
  • the Community Garden
  • the Tuscany Youth Council
  • community social events, such as the Annual Tuscany Harvest Festival
  • maintenance and preservation of the community natural environment, including Twelve Mile Coulee Park
  • initiatives relating to traffic and other community safety concerns
  • and more!


To become a member of the Tuscany Community Association, please complete the following steps:

  1. Click here to become a member!

  2. click the button labelled “Signup as a New Member” to register (or login with your existing username and password if you are renewing)
  3. choose to register as a Family account (if you have children to register) or as an Adult Member (if you don’t have children), and then complete the registration form, and your membership will be added to the Member Portal
  4. if you are renewing a membership, you will skip the registration form and be taken directly to the Member Portal where you can click to renew your membership
  5. click the Pay Now button to check out, and use a credit card to pay the $25 fee


Questions? Feel free to contact us using or online contact page by clicking here.