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Community Response to the Proposed Lutheran Church Redesignation

Below is a copy of the letter from the Tuscany Community Association on behalf of its residents to the City of Calgary regarding a recent land use amendment proposal to change the designation of a parcel in the extreme north-east part of our community to accommodate a multi-family residential development:   February 4, 2013 Circulation Control Development and Building Approvals #8201 P.O. Box 2100, Station M Calgary, AB T2P 2M5   Re: File Number LOC2012-0102 Attention: Mr. David Couroux, The Tuscany Community Association (TCA) respectfully offers the following comments regardingthe land use amendment proposal submitted by the Foothills Lutheran Church of Calgary tochange the designation of approximately 3.7 acres of land from the existing DC Direct ControlDistrict (DC 14Z2006) to Special Purpose—Community Institutions (S-CI) District and Multi-Residential—Contextual Low Profile (M-C1d57) District. The TCA appreciates pre-application meetings with the applicants and understands the need forhigher densities within the City of Calgary […]