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Royal Oak Casino – Your Opinion is Needed! 1

The site Royal Oak Casino Opinion has been created by concerned residents of Royal Oak, Rocky Ridge and Tuscany. Its goal is to keep residents informed of the Hotel/Casino/Convention center development currently being proposed by the city for construction in Royal Oak.  Whether you are for or against having a casino in your neighbourhood, your opinion matters and the decision makers need to hear it. Log onto RoyalOakCasinoOpinion.com to get all of the facts, latest development updates, news reports and link to the facebook page to find out how you can get involved. To see where the Casino may be placed, check out the Royal_Oak_Newsletter about this issue.

Football Camp for Kids

The TCA has had a couple of inquiries this month about the article that ran in December’s Tuscany Sun about Football Ready’s football camp for kids ages 8-12. The camp is being held in January and information can be found on the Football Ready site or you can email Jason or Gord your questions.  For your information, we’ve posted the article below.

January Editor’s Note

2011. For some reason, this year date seems crazy to me! It seems that just last year I was getting all dolled up (pre-children and feeling pretty snazzy) to head out to the New Year’s Eve party of 2000 and hoping that my belief that the world was not going to come crashing down would turn out to be correct. Of course, the way my brain works is to store information but not with a date and time for reference. Hence, the game of charades I often play with my husband when I am trying to recall an event that would helpfully illustrate a point I feel is essential to make.

January Talk in Tuscany – New NW Casino? 1

Hello, Some friends of mine who live in Royal Oak and Rocky Ridge have informed me about the planned development of a Hotel and Casino close to where the Wal-Mart store is located.  This development will also be close to several schools and the Universiry of Calgary Veterinary Medicine (UCVM). I live in Tuscany and I do not want to see any such development in these communities. These communities are residential areas with 1000’s of families with young children.  There will also be a negative impact on the traffic volumes in the immediate and surrounding areas. Crime will also increase as a result of such development and will also have a negative impact in Tuscany.   How on earth does Gordon Lowe justify building a casino and how can he say it will benefit the area?  This is another clear example  of how out of touch he is with the […]

January Talk in Tuscany – Comment on Roundabouts 1

I just wanted to comment on the recent article in the Tuscany Sun titled ‘What is a Roundabout?’.  Coming from the UK, I know all about roundabouts and would definitely encourage use of them in Canada for all the reasons that were stated.  However, the benefit from roundabouts in terms of traffic flow is dependant on people using them properly.  One example is correct signalling.  If vehicles on the roundabout are not signalling, a car wanting to enter the roundabout may have to unnecessarily stop because it is unclear when/where the vehicles on the roundabout are exiting.  Another example happened to me recently at the roundabout at Crowfoot.  Approaching the roundabout the car in front of me stopped even though there were no other cars on the roundabout.  When learning to drive in the UK you are going to encounter and learn about roundabouts.  My worry is that they are […]