How are Community Associations and Residents Associations Different?

The Tuscany Community Association receives a lot of emails each month from residents who are confused between what the Community and Residents Associations are in Tuscany and why we have two Associations at all. Here’s some information to help illustrate how these two Associations work.

A community association is an organization formed by the residents of an area:
*to manage and direct its social and recreational activities
*TCA plans, develops and maintains some community programs such as Tuscany Soccer, Community Bookswap, Tuscany Sun, Amazing Chase and Race, etc.
*to act as an intervener in civic matters (planning and development)
*to plan, develop and maintain community facilities and amenities (not applicable right now)
*membership is voluntary
*all residents within the entire community of Tuscany are welcome to become members

A resident’s/homeowner’s association is a compulsory organization created by a land developer:
*to manage and maintain the “marketing” amenities (entrance signage, ornamental parks and ponds, boulevard landscaping and building) of a development that the City will not accept responsibility to maintain
*to manage and maintain amenities such as lakes and golf courses (The Tuscany Club is run solely by the RA)
*membership is compulsory and the requirement to pay an annual fee is collected by the association through a caveat on title
     *not all residents in Tuscany fall within the RA’s boundaries and so not all residents pay an annual fee and so, therefore, not all residents are members of the Tuscany Club